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  • - Machine wash cold
  • - Do not iron logo
  • - Non-chlorine bleach only


T-shirts made of 100% cotton tend to shrink over time if not taken care of.

To be safe, refer to the care label for your item before washing.


Increasing the lifespan of your fabric

  • - Always air dry. Dry clothes hanging and out of direct sunlight where possible.
  • - Always choose cold water (30°C or below) to wash your cotton t-shirt.
  • - Give your garment a gentle stretch after washing to preserve their shape.


Saving the logo and print

  • - Prevent logos and prints from damage by avoiding hard rubbing. Blot instead.
  • - Do not iron on printed areas. Iron your garment (except the print) under low heat.
  • - Turn your garment inside out to prevent any alteration to the quality of the fabric.