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We are Cuzy T

“Hey Cuzy”

It’s more than a greeting to your cousin. It’s a greeting to family. Because we’re all connected in some way. Whether it’s your brother or sister. Your mates. Or the community that you belong to.

Cuzy T was born out of a passion for crafting an affordable urban wear line with premium materials built to last. Connected as a global family and by our choice of exceptional apparel, we’re not just Cuzy T.

You are too.

Bold, fresh & stylish designs

We were inspired by the transformation of urban wear across cultures to design a modern and fresh range of street wear that is inclusive and iconic - reflecting your environment and attitude.

We believe it’s not about the clothes you wear. But the way you wear them. Constantly looking to refine our collection, we see ourselves as more than innovators.

With a rich link to urban wear of the past, we’re proudly carrying the traditions that came before us and adding our own fresh spin on urban wear for the future.

Proudly New Zealand

Our brand has spread across the globe. But we never forget where we are from.

In our native culture, the title of ‘tohunga’ is given to the most skilled practitioner in their field.

We respect our past and bring this belief into our collection, ensuring each piece of apparel is inspired by where we have come from and designed for where you want to go.