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Article: 7 Cap TIPS that make YOU more Attractive

7 Cap TIPS that make YOU more Attractive
7 Cap TIPS

7 Cap TIPS that make YOU more Attractive

7 Cap TIPS that make YOU more Attractive

Posted at 11:00 - 5th April - Natalia Pene & Nikora Ratahi - Playground 101

#1 How To Choose a Snapback

Selecting a Snapback, Adjustable or Fitted is a personal journey and they come in a variety of styles, designs and a big range of colors so you can always find the perfect cap that suits your personality and style.

If you are a first timer stick to simple mono or neutral tone cap to suit everything in your current wardrobe or go all out but make sure it suits your personality and that it fits snug on your head. If you are still stuck on what one to pick here are some of the best style tips.

#2 Smart and Casual: Curved Brim

Wear your Cap facing forward with the brim pointing upwards to show off your amazing smile and hair (If you have any). Pair it with any mono or neutral earthy tones topped with a simple or patterned button up and some clean canvas sneakers to keep you looking smart and casual.

Showing your smile is a bonus when it comes to style so use it.

"Everybody has unique eye brows, cheeks, & chin angles. The problem is deciding what cap compliments those features."

- Nikora Ratahi

#3 Head Shape

Why is it that some caps work and some caps don't?

It's Your Head Shape.

People are too busy looking on the outside of the cap for great logos and teams which is fine but they may not necessarily look good on you.
Everybody has unique eye brows, cheeks, & chin angles. The problem is deciding what cap compliments those features. What you need to be doing is looking in the mirror first!

Figure out what shape your head is. Round or square? Narrow or wide? This should take 5 seconds. Then look for the opposite style cap.

So if you're face is round, then you want to find a box style cap like the A-Frames featured in tip #2 and if your face is more lean and square you want to find a more round shaped cap like baseball caps or dad hats.

Knowing this simple tip can make you 100 time more attractive because it means you know yourself.

#4 Cap Styling with Hair

For the ladies, Let your hair down :) Whether running down your shoulders with the brim faced backwards or forwards, your cap will compliment you either way you look at it.

For the fellas, i suggest simple short cuts to avoid the messy hair days when taking caps off but at the very least avoid the scruffy look with normal caps. You want clean lines and fades to assist the cap. If you enjoy the scruffy look then i suggest wearing 5 panels with the brim up high.

For everyone, I know its a bad hair day when you have to take your cap of for an indoor event sometimes where the cap is not allowed but here's a simple style tip to avoid that hat hair. Just like the trick for the ladies, a simple comb over or slick back worked with a light dab of pomade to keep everything in place will do the trick. Wearing the cap over this will further make this a more permanent style that's easy to fix as soon as you take your cap off.

#5 Color

It's as simple as it sounds. Color is a huge defining factor in how a cap can make you look more attractive. If you are trying to make the decision of which color to buy you should understand what colors compliment each other.

All caps are great in grey tones. That's why most caps you see will be Black, grey or white. Really simple caps with solid colors are favored most but you will notice that darker tones are worn more. People who wear bold bright caps are more self assured that they look good. Confidence. Like how people wear black outfits to hide any shadows the same concept can be used for wearing darker caps. It is a safe option to go with and it really does look good.

There is 1 versatile color that goes with almost everything. Navy. Navy works with almost everything. Pair this with Grey, white, brown or other blues for the best effect and you can utilize black on this also but don't go to far as all colors have there limits.

Most cap designers have your best interest at all times and have already taken all the necessary steps to designing the best cap with the best colors for you. What it all comes down to know is making your cap stand out or blend in with your outfit.

bonus color tip: If you're eyes are blue wearing blue will accent the color of your eyes.

#6 Direction & Logo

Logos can be the deciding factors to whether you know what you're doing or not. Well balanced logos represent a well balanced person and thus the opposite occurs where an unbalanced logo could represent the unbalanced but it could also mean that you're not afraid to take risks.

Trying to figure out which way to wear a cap can be confusing if you're new to the cap game or a novice in fashion in general but it isn't all that hard. In 2019 most people wear there caps either forwards or backwards. There is no in between anymore. If you still wear you're cap to the side its time to catch up because it just isn't attractive not then and not now.

#7 Outfits

If you can't already tell most logos have a contrasting or complimenting color to the main color of the cap. You can use your cap to actually build the rest of your outfit.

For example in this photo with Mel and Valance you can see Mel is wearing a dark colored cap so to make that tone pop she decided to wear a contrasting tone below and to further add to that she could wear the same color jeans as the cap to complete the look.

With Valance on the other hand you don't have to match the cap with the same color jeans. For a color that is bold like this confident yellow I would wear all black from Shoulder to Shoe.

Learning how to compliment your cap with your outfit is a major key when it comes to attraction. Start Simple, Stay Simple.

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